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Youth 2 Youth Center

"By Youth, for Youth..."

“For Youth, By Youth…”

Youth 2 Youth Center (Y2Y)

The mission of the Youth 2 Youth Center (Y2Y) is to empower youth to make healthy decisions for themselves through guidance, education, and access to services.

We provide community education and awareness to the youth aged 12-24 living in the South Bay area of San Diego with strategies to motivate and help change attitudes and behaviors, that will help provide a sense of belonging and security.  We provide education and enrichment for students to achieve academic success and ongoing counseling and resources that deal with youth delinquency and substance abuse.

Community network information, individual and family counseling is also provided to help overcome obstacles with their peers and in the home.  The Y2y strives to be the primary source for youth’s sexual health services, be the leading youth sexual health provider in the community, guarantee the highest quality sexual health services for youth, and have a welcoming, and youth friendly facility that provides a unique experience.

We offer:

  • Family Planning Services
  • Boys & Girls Group
  • Volunteer & Community Service Opportunities
  • Movie Lounge & Computer Lab
  • Job Readiness Program
  • Multimedia Program


  • School & Community Presentations
  • SYT (Senior & Youth Together)
  • School & Community Outreach


The Trash Talkers Coalition is a youth led organization based in the South Bay of San Diego. The idea started in 2009, when the organization initially started as a youth volunteer program out of Operation Samahan’s Youth 2 Youth Center. As the years progressed, the idea of turning the Trash Talkers into a coalition became a reality when it was officially established in October 2011. Today, the Trash Talkers Coalition is still a youth-driven organization working to encourage collaboration within youth, that will empower them to initiate healthy ways to improve their relationship with the environment. In our efforts to empower youth, we promote practical ways in which youth can be more aware of their environment, what factors are affecting it, and how to generate change. We want to increase awareness and understanding by educating youth on creating healthy habits that will benefit them and the environment they live in.

    • Youth Leadership & Development
    • National City Farmers Market
    • Project
    • National
    • City Drug
    • Free Coalition
    • Community Bike Rides
    • Internships

The Y2Y is working with UCSD Researchers on exciting new studies!

If you are interested in hearing more about the focus of these studies, or if you have any ideas about things we should ask girls your age, please contact the study director, Marissa Salazar at:


SANDAPP provides case management and counseling services to pregnant and parenting youth throughout San Diego County. The Y2Y Center is honored to have Sylvia Sullivan as our in-house counselor.  If you would like more information on these services please contact Sylvia at:

The United Filipino American Senior Citizen Organization are our in-house residents that meet every Wednesday and Friday from 10am-12pm.  If you are a Senior Citizen in our community, interested in becoming actively involved with UFASCO and want more information please contact Alma Carranza at:
619.477.2601 ext. 602 or

Y2Y Program Director :
Alma Carranza
Y2Y Program Assistant: Martin Buelna, Jr.

Y2Y Family Planning Coordinator: Carolina Gonzalez
Y2Y Family Planning Specialist: Vicente Torres
Y2Y Family Planning Specialist: Erendira Soto


2841 Highland Avenue
National City, CA 91950

Y2Y Center – Hours of Operation
Monday – Friday
9:00AM – 5:00PM
Tel: 619.477.2601 X609
Fax: 619.474.4514

After hours voice-mail: 619.352.3333


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