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Patient-Centered – Our approach is to provide relationship-based primary health care using the “ whole person” orientation. This means that we  will work closely and interactively  with you and your family. and will take into account your  unique needs, cultural values, and preferences. This includes choosing your own permanent primary care physician.  To learn more about how you can choose your own physician from our list of providers, please speak with our front desk staff  or check our website.

Accessible Services – At Operation Samahan, we strive to offer you accessible services with shorter waiting times for your urgent needs. We provide alternative ways of communication such as email and telephone for you to easily reach and speak with your clinician or team  and  receive clinical advice during and after business hours.

Coordinated Care – Operation Samahan is concerned about your overall  health  and well-being.  We coordinate your health care  needs across all elements of the broader health care system, including  urgent and specialty care, hospitals, and other community services and support.  We provide oral health, behavioral health, and integrative health services in addition to primary care, and will help refer you to other programs and services you may need if we do not already provide them.

Comprehensive Patient Information/Care – Operation Samahan keeps  in great confidence your comprehensive health  information such as medications; visits to specialists; medical history; health status; recent test results; self-care information; and data from recent hospitalizations, specialty care or emergency room visits. Our team of providers consists not just of doctors and nurses, but also health educators, and other care coordinators to help make sure that a large majority of your  physical and mental health care needs, including prevention and wellness, acute care, and chronic care are met. Comprehensive patient information from all of our health services are documented onto our Electronic Medical Record.

Evidence-Based Care – Operation Samahan patients can expect evidence-based care from their clinician and team, as well as support for self-management of their health and health care needs.  We are highly  committed to quality improvement by ongoing engagement in evidence-based medicine and clinical decision-support tools to ensure that you receive the best quality care possible.

Below is a sample list of the Medical services available at Operation Samahan.

o Women’s Health
Pregnancy Testing
Comprehensive Prenatal Services Program
Family Planning Education and Services
Presumptive Medi-Cal Eligibility Application
Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening

 Adult Health
Chronic Disease Screening and Treatment
Preventive Medicine and Immunizations
Immigration/DMV Physicals
Men’s Health Services

 Adolescent Services
Comprehensive Health Screening and Treatment
Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program
Family Planning, Education and Services
STD/HIV Screening, Counseling and Education
School, Camp, and Sports Physical Exams

 Geriatric Care
Physical Exams and Wellness Programs
Nutrition and Diet
Tuberculosis Screening and Treatment
Enabling Senior Services

 Pediatrics & Perinatal Care
Chronic Disease Screening and Treatment
Home Visits For First Time Moms
Well Child Care and Immunizations
Child Health and Disability Prevention
School, Camp and Sport Physical Exams

Integrated Health focusing on the importance of physical and emotional well being
Screening and Treatment for Depression and Anxiety
Stress Management
Individual and Family Counseling
Trauma Counseling
Grief and Loss Counseling

 Dental Services
Fillings & Cleanings
Extractions & Root Canals
Dentures/Partial Dentures
Crowns & Bridges

 Integrative Health & Wellness Services
Consults with naturopathic doctors
Nutrition counseling
Gentle Yoga
Belly Dance for Health
Sound Energy
Massage & Healing Touch
Essential oils, herbal supplements

 Social Services & Health Education
Application for Medi-Cal/Healthy Families
Community Education and Outreach
County Medical Services
Senior Social Services

Cancer Patient Services
Survivor support
Women’s health boutique: free wigs, hats, acupuncture

*NOTICE TO CONSUMERS – Medical doctors are licensed and regulated by the Medical Board of California. For more information call 1-800-633-2322 or visit

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